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Conceptualised in Copenhagen, and published in English, Sindroms is a journal of monochrome states of mind, published in print biannually. Curating the content of each issue based on a specific colour, it investigates them across culture, and immerses its readers in the feelings and moods evoked by each colour, with the finished product being a crisp magazine that leaves you thinking about the concept of colour and all its evocations.

Issue #5 'Evergreen' : Green is, above all, the colour of life. In this edition, life is explored in all its forms, with a particular interest in the evergreen. What does prosperity mean now, how do we manage to continue growing, reinvent ourselves, and change our ways? What is evergreen design? Why is the human-nature relationship so vital? Is it important to talk to plants? When did we lose our connection to the natural world, and did we leave anything valuable behind? What is some of the evergreen wisdom that’s been passed down through generations? Discover more within the 160 pages of conceptual, carefully-curated editorials, thought pieces and striking visual essays.