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It's that age old travel magazine conundrum. How do you make a travel magazine easily readable, but with enough local integration to give the reader more than just a where to go and what to do overview?

Holiday is a beautifully designed and produced large format travel magazine. Holiday magazine is a keeper, with in depth long form articles and beautiful photography in every issue. Generally topic based by issue, it manages to go into the local psyche of destinations covered to give you a little more than you might get from its glossy competitors.

CURRENT ISSUE: Holiday magazine heads to Italy, setting its sights on Capri and Naples. Leafing through its pages, you'll discover new places, little-known landscapes and unexpected characters amid the famous faces and iconic settings. 

Novelist Arthur Dreyfus happily loses himself under the sun, François Simon casts an epicurean eye on the coast, Madeleine Speed asks the Neapolitans about food and endurance, Addison Nugent goes to Capri and wonders what's behind the legend, and Jéromine Savignon recalls the insular days of Rudolf Nureyev. Arthur Cerf recounts the filming of Godard's Contempt, while Carla Bruni reveals her Italian side in a journey down memory lane.

Origin: US
Frequency: 2 per year