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Here is a startup magazine launching in late June published and edited by Simon Farrell-Green and designed by Sarah Gladwell.

Here is fiercely dedicated to local New Zealand architecture, specifically its houses, but it’s also about books and art and community and independent business and beautifully designed things you might want to have in your house.

It’s about small being beautiful, and things that last and it’s about being thoughtful and careful rather than wasteful and showy. It’s about design rather than budget, whether that’s a lot or a little. It’s about here – New Zealand, this odd little place we live in and always, always underestimate.

Here is living embodiment of New Zealand's extraordinary design community. Instead of an art director, guest creatives each issue will help us make the magazine – making it feel special and memorable, and highly collectible.

Country of Origin: New Zealand
Frequency: Bi-monthly